Jacobson James & Associates’ (JJ&A) success is the result of high-quality technical work, regulatory expertise, skilled project and business management, and most importantly, a company culture of collaborative team building with our clients, regulatory agencies and technical experts.

Established in 2004, we are currently located in the greater Sacramento and Arcata areas, and are comprised of 40 environmental professionals including geologists, engineers, scientists, GIS specialists and support staff.

At JJ&A we treat our client’s resources as our own and continually seek ways to streamline work and reduce projects costs, because this is the right way to do business!

It is the long history of humankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”
– Charles Darwin


Our vision is to provide a high standard of excellence in our services, relationships, and workplace.

To achieve this vision, we solve creatively; communicate and collaborate with integrity; deliver with quality; and perform safely.


JJ&A provides services to a wide range of industries including the commercial, industrial and government sectors. We work on industrial chemical, petroleum refining, manufacturing, power generation, mining, dry cleaning, wood preserving, food processing and agricultural sites, as well as US Navy, Army and Air Force facilities. We are proud to work for and collaborate with outstanding clients.

Our firm is recognized for delivering inspired and innovative solutions for the protection, restoration and management of environmental resources at construction sites, operating and closed facilities, and natural environments: This includes: Learn more about our services


  • $250,000 Proposition 1 grant award to prepare a Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) that assesses the potential environmental impacts of implementing a discretionary well permitting program developed by JJ&A, the first in the state to be aligned with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). The PEIR included development of a county-wide hydrologic model to aid in the evaluation of impacts related to drawdown, subsidence, surface water depletion, and groundwater-dependent ecosystems. The PEIR was recently adopted, and will help to streamline the well permitting process as well as providing important data to help inform ongoing groundwater sustainability planning efforts by the local Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs): Stanislaus County.
  • $500,000 Proposition 1 grant successfully obtained from the State Water Resources Control Board for the preparation of a Storm Water Resource Plan: City of Modesto and Stanislaus County.
  • $2 million Proposition 1 grant award from the State Water Resources Control Board to perform a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study to identify, prioritize, and design alternatives to address arsenic, nitrate and uranium impacts to the City’s groundwater supplies. The project evaluates the effectiveness of well-field modification and operating strategies, managed aquifer recharge, aquifer storage and recovery and other strategies to improve aquifer water quality, increase water supply resilience, facilitate recharge projects, and decrease long-term treatment costs: City of Modesto.
  • Wetlands Classification Exclusion for Unlined Wastewater Treatment Pond, San Francisco Bay Area, Eliminating Wetland Mitigation and Restoration Requirements and Resulting in Estimated Savings $10M-$15M : SF District, US Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Title 27 Landfill Engineered Alternative to 5’ Waste Separation, Northern California, Resulting in Estimated Savings of $5M : RWQCB – Central Valley.
  • RCRA Corrective Action Consent Agreement Negotiations Creating Distinct Areas of Concern with Additional Separation by Soil and Groundwater (Central and Northern California) Allowing Progressive Cleanup of Site Areas for Reuse/Redevelopment and Reduced Compliance Portfolio:  DTSC – Sacramento,  DTSC – Berkeley, RWQCB – Central Coast.
  • Facilitation Expediting RCRA Corrective Action Projects for Completion of Corrective Action through Use of RCRA FIRST Tools: DTSC – Berkeley; DTSC – Sacramento.
  • RCRA Clean Closures with Facility Wide Impacts Eliminating Post-Closure Permit Path Resulting in Estimated Savings of $5M-$7.5M/site: DTSC – Berkeley; DTSC – Sacramento.
  • RCRA Permit (operating and post-closure) Requirement Reductions Resulting in Lower Annual Facility Operating Costs (estimated range of $100K K/year for 30 year permits) and Reduced Compliance Portfolio: DTSC – Cypress; DTSC – Berkeley, DTSC – Sacramento, RWQCB – San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Health and Safety Code Hazardous Waste Treatment System Permit Exemption Path for Groundwater Cleanups (multiple California sites), Resulting in Expedited Schedules (by elimination of permitting process time delays), Elimination of Permit and Associated Compliance Requirements which Reduced Project Costs and Reduced Compliance Portfolio.
  • JJ&A has completed an NCP compliant investigation and clean up of a 20-acre former heavy manufacturing facility in Northern California. Multiple remedial actions were implemented under a Federal Consent Decree and Water Board CAO including excavation of source areas; in-situ treatment for hexavalent chromium and VOCs; and on-going pump and treat for remediation of recalcitrant compounds. The Site was recently sold and has current commercial tenants with redevelopment in progress for additional industrial/agricultural tenants.
  • Integration of soil remediation with landscape restoration/redevelopment to meet remediation objectives, complete CEQA, and expedite remediation/restoration for enhanced public use, and protection of Bay water quality and identified special status species: Former Power Plant, San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Completion of site remediation allowed for beneficial reuse as commercial or public property. Phased sampling approach reduced the number of locations where drilling was required resulting in $100,000 savings for the client: Former Power Plant, Central Valley, California.
  • Design and implementation of a program-wide efficiency program that reduces costs, increases quality and promotes sustainability: Land Conservation Commitment Program, 30+ locations, Northern California.


Working at JJ&A not only allows me to sharpen the skills I already have but also to further develop myself both professionally and personally. Whether it’s my peers that I work with on a daily basis or the challenging projects I’m involved with, iron does indeed sharpen iron, and here at JJ&A we are highly encouraged to push the envelope and hone ourselves to a higher standard…and have fun in the process

A. Bartkoski

Project Manager


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