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A Profile in Diversity, Impact, Inspiration and Purpose

JJ&A is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to hiring and retaining talented professionals that are self-driven, have a passion for quality, and function well in a team dynamic. We believe in hiring to ensure a diversity of perspective and experience within JJ&A and appreciate well-rounded individuals with liberal arts and technical backgrounds. Our principals are highly qualified experts in a wide range of environmental service areas with 20 to 30+ years of experience.


  • Jan Jacobson | Principal Regulatory Specialist

    Co-owner and Principal, Jan Jacobson is a geologist with over 30 years of experience in the environmental services industry working on remediation, restoration, and permitting projects throughout the Western US. Her technical background, combined with regulatory expertise and agency relationships, provides a unique skill set for resolving and expediting complex environmental projects. She founded Jacobson Environmental (JE) in 2003 and co-founded JJ&A in 2008.

    A contemporary pioneer within the industry, Jan brought forth the concepts of Regulatory Feasibility Studies and Project Driven Teams. The basis of the Regulatory Feasibility Study concept is that the opportunities for the most significant cost savings are associated with the regulatory strategy more times than with the technical approach. Project Driven Teams reflect the JJ&A approach of identifying and working with the best resources for the project, versus the traditional approach of forming a project team solely from within the confines of a prime contractor resource base.

    Jan believes that the regulators are a key part of the project team’s success and has demonstrated expertise and successes working with various agencies within environmental regulatory frameworks including: CWA and state Water Law (Water Code), CEQA, RCRA and state Hazardous Waste Control Law (Health and Safety Code), CERCLA (including NCP compliance for cost recovery), state superfund, voluntary cleanup programs, and state natural resources code and regulations.

  • Jennifer Garner | Controller

    Co-owner and Controller, Jenn Garner has over 25 years of experience in the environmental field. Her expertise is the foundation of JJ&A’s operational goals and personnel relations, and management of the company financials and daily operations, including financial leadership and strategic planning, financial analysis, budgeting, reporting, purchasing and asset control.

    Jenn manages the office operations and administrative support services, including planning, organizing, and overseeing a variety of office activities including: contracts administration; document quality control and deliverable management; and IT support services. As the director of human resources, she provides guidance and management of staffing, policies, and program services. She also manages the database group which is responsible for the integration and reporting of analytical and physical data, in addition to laboratory coordination.

  • Terry James, PG | JJ&A Licensed Principal Geologist

    Co-owner and Principal Geologist, Terry James, has over 20 years of environmental consulting experience specializing in management of complex environmental investigations and clean-ups.

    Terry has successfully coordinated investigations and remedial actions under California State Water Law Orders, RCRA and Superfund and worked extensively with Cal EPA/DTSC and RWQCBs.

    His experience spans several environmental sectors including: petroleum, pharmaceuticals, landfills, agricultural, chemical production, electronics manufacturing, wood preserving, public utilities, municipalities, dry-cleaners, food production and heavy manufacturing.

    An expert in the implementation of innovative in-situ remedial actions for soil and groundwater …providing technical guidance and expertise, Terry is also proficient in developing and implementing community relation plans; assisting clients in support of litigation; and providing regulatory liaison and negotiation services.

    Terry is a certified storm water professional and has extensive experience in the development and implementation of programs consistent with state and federal industrial and construction general permits. He provides technical guidance to industrial clients in the design and installation of best management practices (BMPs) for development of internal procedures; coordination with the California State Water Resources Board and other permitting entities for power generation facilities (hydro, fossil fuel, nuclear), as well as transmission and distribution facilities (electrical and gas) and public facilities. Terry also coordinates projects under FERC, CEC and RWQCBs.

  • Justin Quiggle, PMP, CPESC, QSD/QSP Principal Construction/Project Manager

    Justin Quiggle has 20-years of experience in construction management and storm water compliance management on construction projects, and is the Principal in Charge for JJ&A storm water compliance and BMP implementation services.

    As a multi-certified storm water professional, Justin has extensive experience in the design and implementation of construction storm water BMPs on a wide range of projects while relying on his extensive background in heavy-civil construction management to support project teams in maintaining compliance while staying on schedule.

    Justin is an expert in developing Storm Water Management Programs on construction sites that utilize the most efficient, practical, and cost effective methods to manage storm water and maintain compliance. Organization, project management skills (certified project management professional [PMP]) and attention to detail (e.g., scope, schedule and budget) in conjunction with his proactive, hands-on approach to problem solving and excellent communication skills allow Justin to provide the highest quality products, on time and within budget.

  • Linda Mercurio, PMP | Project Manager

    Ms. Linda Mercurio is an engineer with over 20 years of experience in environmental consulting and regulatory compliance. Before joining JJ&A, Linda worked as an independent contractor specializing in regulatory site closure. She has also worked in private industry in charge of monitoring and remediation projects at several inactive copper mines. In addition, Linda gained regulatory and technical expertise as an engineer for the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, and GHH Engineering.

    Linda’s areas of expertise include facility assessment and hazardous material abatement, biomass energy, permitting and compliance, hazardous waste management, and risk-based site closure. Under her direction, the JJ&A mercury team has completed over 100 assessments in facilities where mercury containing equipment were historically used or stored as well as safely and successfully completed decontamination efforts at dozens of facilities where mercury impacts were identified. Linda’s project management portfolio includes alternative energy and sustainable groundwater management projects.

    Linda also serves as the Director of Professional Development for JJ&A. In this capacity, she works to strengthen a key pillar of our culture: striving for continual improvement. She leads our mentor program, coordinates the employee review program, and ensures that all members of the JJ&A team are supported in their efforts to set and meet professional goals.

  • Eric Zeigler | Principal Scientist

    Eric Zeigler is an environmental scientist with over 26 years of experience providing technical analysis, regulatory strategy and environmental permitting services.  Eric has developed and managed a variety of programs and projects to address waste water, hazardous waste and natural resource compliance.  Eric works closely with a team of engineers, environmental scientists, and geologists to provide integrated project solutions.

    Eric’s expertise is achieving agency concurrence with alternative regulatory-based solutions that reduce permitting and compliance costs. His experience includes Clean Water Act (CWA) and California Water Code wastewater treatment/disposal permitting (e.g., NPDES, WDRs), and storm water monitoring and management; and RCRA and California hazardous waste law (Title 22) evaluations and permitting (e.g., RCRA operating permits, post-closure permits, RCRA closure; California tiered permitting system). Eric works with private industry and municipalities, addressing small-and large-scale project compliance and permitting needs.  His strong technical skills ensure a solid and defensible basis for regulatory submittals and negotiations. Examples of wastewater permitting site-specific technical analyses include determination and use of water-effect ratios for metals, small stream acute and chronic dilution/mixing zone studies, metals translator studies, and novel approaches to analyzing data often overlooked by regulatory agencies. Examples for pre-treatment program work includes technically based local discharge limitations, enforcement response plans, and industrial discharge permits. Technical analysis examples completed in support of RCRA permitting includes evaluation of large multi-media data sets to establish Water Quality Protection Standards (WQPSs), alternative concentration limits, reductions in detection and evaluation monitoring programs for points of compliance, constituents of concerns (COCs), monitoring parameters, and Appendix IX compounds.

  • Leon Gearhart, PMP, CHST, QSD | Principal Remediation Services and Health and Safety Director

    Leon Gearhart has 20 years of experience specializing in program and client management to mitigate environmental liabilities for the utility, petroleum (retail and industrial), industrial, municipal, transportation, and agricultural sectors.  He cultivates strong client relationships and provides efficient solutions with an eye towards the true costs of the program. He provides a very high level of customer service through open communication and a collaborative relationship so that their needs are addressed and expectations exceeded.  Leon is adept at managing the complete life-cycle of investigation and remediation projects for his clients including negotiating with regulatory agencies, monitoring project progress, and being agile in response to changes in regulatory or project needs. 

    Leon is the Director of Health and Safety for JJ&A and has facilitated a proactive safety culture using cooperative means between management and field teams, developed corporate health and safety programs, and developed specialized internal training programs for JJ&A employees. 

  • Eric Johnson, PMP | Principal Project Manager

    Eric Johnson, PMP has over 35 years of experience in environmental problem solving for the utility sector, specializing in the management of complex environmental investigations and clean ups.

    Eric has successfully managed many investigations and remedial actions under California EPA Orders and Voluntary Cleanup Agreements. He has worked extensively with DTSC, Water Boards, and local oversight agencies to develop successful site strategies and obtain project closures.

    Eric is an expert in the development and implementation of cost-effective remedial strategies for contaminated soil and groundwater. He is a professional Project Manager, and has extensive experience in the investigation and remediation of hexavalent chromium, mercury, arsenic, manufactured gas plant wastes, power plant wastes, and petroleum hydrocarbons. He has also performed numerous water resource and hazardous waste assessments to support the permitting of large utility corridor construction projects. In addition to providing project and program management expertise, Eric is proficient in developing and implementing community relation plans, providing technical support on challenging legal issues, and acting as regulatory liaison.