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Addressing Elevated Salinity and Nitrate Problems
in the Central Valley

JJ&A’s presentation on CV-SALTS, addressed elevated salinity and nitrate problems in the Central Valley, and was well received by the California League of Food Producers.  JJ&A’s Terry James, Linda Mercurio, and Leon Gearhart provided an overview of salt and nitrate permitting approaches and challenges as well as a review of JJ&A projects relevant to this issue and how they can affect food producers.  JJ&A’s approach for achieving regulatory solutions for a food producer with nitrate impacts in their groundwater and the proactive mitigation for a municipality in the Central Valley with nitrate impacts in their municipal drinking water supply were highlighted.  And finally, because addressing salinity and nitrate issues can have a significant cost, funding opportunities through grants were discussed.  For more information about JJ&A CV-SALTS expertise and experience or JJ&A’s grant procurement and implementation services, please reach out to

Check out the presentation using the following link:  CV-SALTS Presentation.