Terry James, PG #8135

JJ&A Licensed Principal Geologist

Terry James

Mr. Terry James, PG has 18 years of environmental consulting experience, specializing in management of complex environmental investigations and clean-ups. Mr. James has successfully coordinated investigations and remedial actions under California State Water Law Orders, RCRA and Superfund and worked extensively with Cal EPA/DTSC and RWQCB’s. His experience spans several environmental sectors including: petroleum, pharmaceuticals, landfills, agricultural, chemical production, electronics manufacturing, wood preserving, public utilities, municipalities, dry-cleaners, food production and heavy manufacturing. Mr. James is an expert in the implementation of innovative in-situ remedial actions for soil and groundwater.  In addition to providing technical guidance and expertise, Mr. James is proficient in developing and implementing community relation plans; assisting clients in support of litigation; and providing regulatory liaison and negotiation services.

Mr. James is the Principal in Charge for JJ&A stormwater services. He is a certified stormwater professional and has extensive experience in the development and implementation of programs consistent with state and federal industrial and construction general permits. Mr. James provides technical guidance to industrial clients in the design and installation of best management practices (BMPs) development of internal procedures; coordination with the California State Water Resources Board and other permitting entities for power generation facilities (hydro, fossil fuel, nuclear); transmission and distribution facilities (electrical and gas) and public facilities. Mr. James coordinates projects under FERC, CEC and RWQCBs.

Jan Jacobson

Principal Regulatory Specialist

Jan Jacobson

Ms. Jan Jacobson is a geologist with 27 years of experience in the environmental services industry working on remediation, restoration and permitting projects throughout the Western US. Her technical background combined with regulatory expertise and agency relationships provides a unique skill set for resolving and expediting environmental projects.  Ms. Jacobson worked previously for Groundwater Technology, Inc., Flour Daniel GTI and Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH); positions held include District Manager of Northwest operations, Western Region Regulatory Affairs Manager and Key Client Services Account Manager. Ms. Jacobson founded Jacobson Environmental (JE) in 2003 and co-founded JJ&A in 2008.

With JE and JJ&A, Ms. Jacobson has brought forth the concept of Project Driven Teams wherein the project team is formed by contracting the right resources for the project, versus the traditional approach of forming a project team solely from within the confines of a prime contractor resource base. JJ&A has a demonstrated track record of developing and coordinating such teams.  Ms. Jacobson’s experience with environmental regulatory frameworks includes: CWA and state Water Law (Water Code), CEQA, RCRA and state Hazardous Waste Control Law (Health and Safety Code), CERCLA (including NCP compliance for cost recovery), state superfund, voluntary cleanup programs, and state natural resources code and regulations. Ms. Jacobson is also experienced with the applications of these various regulatory programs within a Brownfields context, including the federal and state public participation requirements for projects regulated under these regulatory frameworks.

Jennifer Garner


Jenn Garner

Ms. Jenn Garner has over 20 years of experience in the environmental field. As a founder, she contributes to operational goals and personnel relations, and manages the company financials and daily operations. Ms. Garner provides financial leadership and strategic planning, financial analysis, budgeting, cash management, reporting, and asset control. Ms. Garner is highly experienced in word processing, spreadsheet design, document production, correspondence and multi-media presentations. Ms. Garner manages the database group in the Sacramento office which is responsible for the integration and reporting of analytical and physical data, and coordinates with laboratories and subcontractors. Ms. Garner assists project managers providing project management services that include accounts payable/receivable, invoicing and budgeting, and quality control for reports, proposals, marketing material and other deliverables. She is highly proficient in technical editing and in the production of electronic drawing files (e.g., ACAD, Adobe).

Mike Tietze, PG, CEG, CHG
Principal Hydrogeologist

Mike Tietze

Mr. Mike Tietze, PG, CEG, CHG has over 25 years of experience performing and managing environmental permitting, compliance, remediation, assessment and water supply projects. Over his broad career, Mr. Tietze gained expert knowledge of project management, environmental planning and regulatory compliance, litigation support, surface and groundwater hydrology, contaminated site management, industrial facility closure and decontamination, and environmental impact assessment. He has developed particular expertise in advising energy sector and other industrial clients on the water resources aspects of their project development strategies, including water supply development, water rights, environmental impact assessment under CEQA, NEPA and CEC requirements, water quality management, waste discharge permitting, and underground injection control permitting for deep disposal wells. He has participated in and managed many multi-disciplinary environmental teams, working closely with a variety of industrial, commercial, utility and municipal clients. He has also successfully coordinated many permitting and compliance projects under local, state and federal jurisdictions and regulatory programs.

Mark Nichols, PG, PE
Principal Geologist/Engineer

Mark Nichols

Mr. Mark Nichols, PG, PE has 27 years of experience in environmental consulting managing the environmental life cycle process from Phase I PEA through CERCLA program investigation and cleanups, including feasibility studies, remedy recommendations, and compliance permitting. Mr. Nichols has worked at a wide variety of locations under varying regulatory environments, including projects for the U.S. Navy on Adak Island in Alaska, Kurita Industries in Takefu, Japan, and Texaco, Inc., in Brussels, Belgium. His experience also includes work for governmental agencies, public utilities and public corporations in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska. Mr. Nichols has been involved in the design and implementation of numerous remedial technologies including innovative in-situ techniques, such as large-diameter rotary auger reductant mixing to address chromium in soil at a CERCLA site, and steam-enhanced extraction of bunker fuel for the U.S. Navy at the Bremerton Naval Shipyard in Washington. Mr. Nichols’ experience also includes NPDES permitting and compliance monitoring, SPCC plan preparation and SWPPP plan development and implementation.

Eric Johnson, PMP
Principal Project Manager

Eric Johnson

Mr. Eric Johnson, PMP has over 35 years of experience in environmental problem solving for the utility sector, specializing in the management of complex environmental investigations and clean ups. Mr. Johnson has successfully managed many investigations and remedial actions under California EPA Orders and Voluntary Cleanup Agreements. He has worked extensively with DTSC, Water Boards, and local oversight agencies to develop successful site strategies and obtain project closures. Mr. Johnson is an expert in the development and implementation of cost-effective remedial strategies for contaminated soil and groundwater. He is a professional Project Manager, and has extensive experience in the investigation and remediation of hexavalent chromium, mercury, arsenic, manufactured gas plant wastes, power plant wastes, and petroleum hydrocarbons. He has also performed numerous water resource and hazardous waste assessments to support the permitting of large utility corridor construction projects. In addition to providing project and program management expertise, Mr. Johnson is proficient in developing and implementing community relation plans, providing technical support on challenging legal issues, and acting as regulatory liaison.

Justin Quiggle, PMP, CPESC, QSD/QSP
Principal Construction/Project Manager

Justin Quiggle

Mr. Justin Quiggle, PMP, CPESC, QSD/QSP has almost 20-years of experience in construction management and storm water compliance management on construction projects. Mr. Quiggle specializes in the management of large heavy-civil and linear infrastructure construction projects mitigating the environmental risks associated with projects located near sensitive resources. As a multi-certified storm water professional, he has extensive experience in the development and implementation of construction storm water programs on a wide range of projects while relying on his extensive construction management experience to utilize the most efficient, practical, and cost effective methods to maintain compliance on the project. Mr. Quiggle is experienced in utilizing Active Treatment Systems on construction projects and stays up to date on the latest innovative technologies to manage storm water on a construction site.
Organization, project management skills (certified project management principal [PMP]) and attention to detail (e.g., scope, schedule and budget) in conjunction with his proactive approach to problem solving and excellent communication skills allow Mr. Quiggle to provide the highest quality products, on time and within budget.

Matthew Sutton, PE
Principal Engineer

Mr. Mathew Sutton, PE is a licensed California Civil Engineer with over 24 years of experience in the environmental consulting field.  Mr. Sutton specializes in project management and remediation engineering and  has managed projects and directed multi-disciplinary project teams throughout California and the United States.

Mr. Sutton is an accomplished environmental consultant with vast experience in remedial projects, construction management, quality assurance/quality control, permitting and compliance.  Mr. Sutton is experienced in developing and managing all aspects of scope, schedule, and budget, including internal and external client goals, resource management, and subcontractor scopes of work and contracting.  He is adept at taking projects from initiation through completion, including initial studies, design, permitting, and construction.  He also has extensive field oversight experience of environmental investigation and remedial construction activities; and experience with a wide range of regulatory bodies including Federal (USEPA, DOD, DOE), State (DTSC, RWQCB, Various Air Boards), and Local (Counties, Cities, Water Districts) agencies.

Technical Collaborators

Will Neal, PG
Technical Expert

Mr. Will Neal, PG is a collaborating technical expert contracted with JJ&A. He has 23 years of environmental program management and geoscience consulting experience, with specialized expertise in groundwater and surface water geochemistry, statistical analysis of water quality data, water quality monitoring program development and management and regulatory compliance. Specific areas of expertise include: Titles 22, 23, and 27 (California) and Subtitle C and D (federal) monitoring programs; environmental site investigations (including RI/FS); solid/hazardous/radioactive waste management; quantitative analysis/environmental statistics; laboratory data validation and QA/QC; and base- and precious-metal exploration geochemistry and geostatistics. Mr. Neal is a recognized expert on acid-rock drainage and the natural occurrences of trace metals, ammonia, hydrocarbons, and radioactivity in soil, surface water, and groundwater. He has extensive solid/hazardous-waste and waste-water treatment facility groundwater monitoring program experience, including: co-authoring hundreds of monitoring program plans and compliance monitoring reports; negotiating monitoring program permits with state and federal regulators; performing statistical analysis of groundwater monitoring data on more than 30 active monitoring programs; and troubleshooting groundwater and surface water compliance issues for more than 60 facilities in the Western U.S. Mr. Neal routinely serves as client representative in meetings with, and presentations to, regulators of the U.S. EPA, California DTSC, California SWRCB, and California RWQCB’s.

Bob Borzelleri
Principal Regulatory Liaison

Mr. Bob Borzelleri provides regulatory guidance and facilitation services for private and government sector clients since retiring from state government in 2004 after 34 years of service. Mr. Borzelleri positions included the Cal-EPA Director of Communications and Assistant Secretary, where he served on the original team that created the new Agency. His primary assignments included oversight of the ARB and DTSC, where he served as Chief Deputy Director for ten years. He served on the Board of the Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO) for two terms ending with his retirement from state service.