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Federal consent decree clean up

Former Manufacturing Facility, Northern California

JJ&A is the prime environmental contractor hired to fully characterize and remediate all hazardous substances resulting from a former heavy industrial manufacturing facility located in a small northern California town. The work is controlled by a Federal Trust created by a Federal Consent Decree and requires coordination with multiple regulatory agencies including the EPA, State/Regional Water Board, DTSC, Air Quality Management District, County and City environmental managers, and other public and private stakeholders.

Investigation and Clean-up

Residual contamination remains from historical operations, including multiple underground storage tanks (UST) and above-ground storage tanks (AST) that contained new and used petroleum products (gas, diesel, cutting oils and waste oils), metal finishing and plating solutions and solvents/degreasers. Purchases of adjacent private properties during the remediation project incorporated residential properties, a motel, convenience store and former retail petroleum station into the overall project. A variety of organic and inorganic contaminants were present at the site, including petroleum, PAH’s, solvents (including solvent stabilizers such as 1,4-dioxane), heavy metals (e.g., hexavalent chromium and lead) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB). Based on the comprehensive assessment, JJ&A staff planned and implemented interim remedial actions that included strategic building demolitions, destruction of private wells, removal of hazardous substances in above-ground structures (e.g., tanks and sumps) and removal of equipment including both USTs and ASTs and associated soils. Subsequent to the removal actions, JJ&A used targeted remedial technologies to remediate the soils and groundwater including both traditional and innovative remedial efforts.

High-Profile Site
Due to the location of the industrial facility (middle of town adjacent to residential areas) and the nature of the impact, this high-profile site has garnered significant attention from the public, the press and the community. Further, due to the sensitive nature of this project, there has been an increased level of scrutiny from regulatory agencies. In order to move the project forward, it has been necessary to proactively work with the stakeholders and regulators in a positive and coordinated manner. JJ&A implements a robust community relations program including routine public notices, fact sheets, public meetings and participation in City Council and Board meetings as requested. In addition, the project has a web-based portal for community input and dissemination of project information and documents.

Site Closure
The remedial approach has been successful to the point that the significant remedial actions at the site are completed and the site is moving into a monitoring stage with minimal additional remedial actions planned.