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Voluntary Clean up

Power Plant, Central Valley California

JJ&A is providing environmental support for the characterization, remediation, closure, and ultimate sale of a decommissioned dual-fuel (fuel oil and natural gas) 140-megawatt power plant. The site is in a high-traffic area surrounded by busy retail and dining outlets and is the subject of considerable interest by the public and local government; completion of site remediation will allow beneficial reuse as commercial or public property. 

JJ&A is partnering with the client and RWQCB project staff and management under a voluntary clean-up framework and proactively established routine meetings for the project team to ensure timely completion of project activities that meet the client’s needs and secure regulatory approval.

Data Gap Evaluation

JJ&A reviewed the extensive record of environmental data and site operations and performed a data gaps analysis focusing on feature-specific impacts (including fuel tanks, points of discharge, and leach fields) and site-wide conditions (such as pesticide use). Based on the data gaps analysis, JJ&A prepared a comprehensive Soil Data Gap Investigation Work Plan that was accepted ahead of schedule and with minimal comment by RWQCB. We recently completed grid-based soil sampling across the 155-acre site using a phased approach that achieved the project objectives and reduced the number of locations where drilling was required by more than 95%, thereby saving the client an estimated $100,000. We also initiated a groundwater characterization program that includes monitoring well installation and routine sampling for constituents of concern.

Remedial Investigations and Clean-up

To date, we have responded to two historical TPH releases identified in association with in-progress power plant demolition activities. JJ&A investigated and removed 331 tons of soil impacted by a leak of lubricating oil, and has initiated excavation of what appears to be a shallow historical waste fuel disposal area. We performed oversight and sampling to evaluate asbestos concentrations in soil from deteriorated insulation materials and PCBs in soil beneath transformers. JJ&A project management and field staff works closely with the demolition team to ensure our work is done safely, efficiently, in compliance with site permits, and without impact to other site activities. During off-site disposal of impacted soil, our transportation team passed an unannounced audit by a former California Highway Patrol officer independently contracted by our client.

JJ&A considers environmental protections and sustainability in all aspects of our work on the project. For example, we select drilling methods that minimize waste generation, identify waste reuse options (as opposed to landfill disposal), and boost the local economy by teaming with local subcontractors. JJ&A managed biological surveys across the site to identify and implement protective measures for indigenous special status plant and animal species. We performed a feasibility analysis of alternatives to off-site disposal for TPH-impacted soil, including biological treatment and an innovative new thermal treatment technology available on a mobile platform. On behalf of our client, we collected and reported greenhouse gas emissions and other sustainability measures and have documented GHG reductions of over 33 metric tons (as carbon dioxide equivalent) through our work. We have established a waste management process through which hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are stored, transported, and disposed efficiently and in compliance with laws, rules, and regulations. We obtained RWQCB approval for a screening process that allowed for on-site reuse or disposal of soil waste, which provided cost and GHG emissions advantages over traditional waste management practices.

Storm Water Compliance Support

In addition to our environmental work, JJ&A holds a separate contract with the client for storm water compliance support for the power plant demolition process. Our team performs routine inspections of pollutants, their sources, and BMPs implemented for storm water and erosion control. By dedicating our field staff trained in both environmental remediation and storm water management to the project, JJ&A provides complete project service and efficient use of the client’s resources.