Technical services

Environmental Technical and Remediation Services

JJ&A specializes in environmental consulting and management of complex environmental investigations and clean-ups. We provide civil and environmental engineering services, including design-build services, restoration and permitting for government agencies, agricultural and manufacturing facilities, public utilities, and public and private corporations. JJ&A has successfully coordinated hundreds of investigations and remedial actions under California State Water Law Orders, RCRA and Superfund and worked extensively with state agencies (Cal EPA, DTSC and RWQCBs).

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory and Planning and Permitting Services

JJ&A’s technical background combined with unparalleled regulatory expertise and agency relationships provides a unique skill set for developing strategies to resolve and expedite compliance with regulatory requirements and permits, and closure of environmental projects.

Program Management and Development Services

Program Management and Development Services

JJ&A’s client focus, regulatory expertise and big picture perspective give us a unique ability to develop, streamline and manage environmental programs on behalf of our clients. By applying the strategic thinking of our principals and the hands-on input of our field staff, the JJ&A team provides tools, procedures and coordination to help our busy clients make the right decisions that maintain safe, efficient and compliant environmental programs.

Groundwater Supply Investigations, Permitting and Related Regulatory Support Services

Groundwater Supply Investigations, Permitting and Related Regulatory Support Services

Water scarcity in the Western United States has led to increasing competition for limited groundwater resources between municipal users, irrigated agriculture, industry, and environmental protection. At Jacobson James & Associates (JJ&A), we apply our long-standing focus on hydrogeology and water resources studies, and our understanding of the regulatory framework, to solving our client’s water supply and permitting needs. Our Groundwater Resources team consists of experienced Hydrogeologists, Civil Engineers, Environmental Scientists, Computer Modelers, and GIS Specialists with a proven track record of successfully delivering reliable and defensible groundwater resources investigation and development solutions for our client’s projects.


Storm Water Compliance and Management Services

JJ&A provides a full range of storm water compliance and management services. Compliance services are implemented as they relate to the General National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Management services include pre/during/post-storm event inspections and monitoring, preparation of Rain Event Action Plans, monthly audits, preparation of SWPPPs, and providing site-specific trainings for field staff.

Environmental Facilities and Infrastructure Services

Environmental Facilities and Infrastructure Services

JJ&A provides a full range of environmental services for our client’s facilities and infrastructure from program development to environmental risk screening to hazardous waste response actions. We complete our facility and infrastructure support projects on time, within budget, and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. JJ&A coordinates with facility and public relations staff in advance of site activities to ensure personnel safety, minimize disruptions to routine site operations, identify waste reduction and consolidation measures, and establish temporary waste storage procedures during the projects.


Energy Support Services

JJ&A provides environmental services to power generation and distribution facilities across California. we understand the unique challenges facing today’s power industry, such as increased demand, unstable fuel prices, growing reliance on renewable generation sources, and changing grid requirements. JJ&A supports the entire life cycle for energy projects, including planning, permitting, construction, operation, closure and decommissioning services.

Customer Quotes

"The report describes the results of an extensive investigation, which was primarily conducted for real estate transfer purposes, that assessed potential environmental concerns with the approximately 135-acre site… The report summarized the findings of a very thorough assessment and presented a large amount of data that was collected over many years of work at the site. The report was well written and organized in which the data were interpreted and conclusions and recommendations were clearly presented. [Agency] Staff has no specific comments other than to concur with the conclusions and recommendations as presented in the report."

" the project team that best exemplifies our vision and values...with excellent execution, in a way that enhances the community and creates value." ER Department Award of Excellence

"Communication with JJ&A continues be he first rate, even after the company has grown to include several new project managers and support personnel."

"I have no doubt that JJ&A's management of the project will result in successful completion of the planned scope."

"JJ&A has excelled in managing safe projects, making safety the number one priority for its employees and all subcontractors."

"...the outstanding job you have done in taking steps to look for saving opportunities, within and outside of your organization...resulted in avoided costs of $136K. It is this continued outstanding behavior which will set an example for some of our other drive unnecessary costs and inefficiency out of our projects."


Representative Projects