JJ&A provides a range of environmental services for our client’s facilities and infrastructure, including:

  • Inspection, Assessment, and Characterization and Removal of Hazardous Wastes
  • Oversight and Management of Hazardous Waste Response Subcontractors
  • Project Scoping and Estimating
  • Development of Work Zones (Exclusion, Contaminant Reduction, Support)
  • Monitoring of Chemical Conditions
  • Decontamination
  • Documentation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Coordination of Waste Consolidation, Containment and Removal
  • Outreach and Communications with Facility Staff, Regulators, and the Public
  • Evaluation of Exposure Pathways Associated with Infrastructure (Human Health, Ecological Receptors, Groundwater)

JJ&A’s facility and infrastructure support projects range from program development to environmental risk screening to hazardous waste response actions. Example projects include:

  • Program and risk evaluation scoping for the planned retirement of natural gas pipelines
  • Land use assessments and historical environmental data review along natural gas pipelines identified for retirement, with recommendations for pipeline cleaning and closure
  • Inspection, air monitoring, and comprehensive documentation for multiple maintenance facilities and field offices where mercury contamination was suspected due to historical operations.
  • Replacement of a concrete floor and underlying soil where elemental mercury had penetrated and could not be effectively recovered.
  • Inspection, decontamination, and site restoration at multiple facilities where mercury had been used, including one site where we recovered and managed more than 50 pounds of elemental mercury.

JJ&A coordinates with our client’s facility and public relations staff in advance of site activities to ensure personnel safety, minimize disruptions to routine site operations, identify waste reduction and consolidation measures, and establish temporary waste storage procedures during the projects. We segregate hazardous materials (elemental mercury) from other wastes to minimize the quantity of hazardous waste generated. JJ&A performs sampling and analysis as needed to support waste classification and profile assignment; reviews hazardous and non-hazardous waste manifests; provides waste inspections during temporary on-site storage; and coordinates for waste transport to appropriate off-site disposal facilities. We document greenhouse gas emissions and other sustainability measures, which we report to the client on a project-specific basis.

We complete our facility and infrastructure support projects on time, within budget, and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We are poised for continued growth as our program management services facilitate an increase in the pace at which our clients can initiate individual projects.


Today’s power industry is characterized by increasing power demand, unstable fuel prices, growing reliance on renewable generation sources, and changing grid requirements. JJ&A provides environmental services for the full range of power generation and distribution assets across their entire life cycle, from planning through decommissioning.

Our business has been built by working closely with our clients and developing long-term relationships that help us to anticipate project needs. We focus on project delivery with attention to responsiveness, consistent quality, and dedication to providing the right resource and putting the client first.

Organic growth and close collaboration with key industry resources continues to characterize our performance as we strive to focus our services wherever our clients need us. Key services for our energy sector clients include the following:

Project Planning

  • Opportunity and Constraints / Fatal Flaw Analysis;
  • Site Selection and Optimization;
  • Land / Right-of-Way Acquisition Support;
  • Water supply feasibility assessment and planning (groundwater, surface water, and reclaimed

    water); and

  • Permit Management Plans

Project Permitting

  • Water supply permitting, specializing in groundwater resources impact assessment, computer modeling, Water Supply Assessment (SB610), agency negotiation support (BLM, CEC, RWQCB, and local agencies), and water rights acquisition;
  • Waste management permitting, including impact assessment, impoundment design, Waste Discharge Requirements, and Waste Management Plans;
  • Wastewater discharge including NPDES permits and supporting studies, Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits for deep well injection, and water reuse planning;
  • Hazardous Materials Management, including impact assessment, Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBP), Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plans,
  • Geologic Resource Analysis, including geologic hazard investigations, geomorphology studies, sand transport analysis, and mineral resources analysis; and
  • Storm Water NPDES, SWPPP, erosion control and dust control planning.

Construction and Operation

  • Mitigation and Compliance Management Plans;
  • Groundwater Supply Development, with a specialty in test well and aquifer testing programs, geophysical investigations and production well design and installation;
  • Compliance Monitoring, including combined SWPPP, dust control, HSE compliance, and biological monitoring; and
  •  Multi-media compliance audits.

Closure and Decommissioning Services

  • Decommissioning and Site Reclamation Plan (DSRP), Reclamation Cost Estimates (RCE);
  • Waste Management and Health and Safety Plans; and
  • Contaminated site investigation (Phase I/II/III) and cleanup under local, State and Federal programs (RWQCB, DTSC, EPA).