Water scarcity in the Western United States has led to increasing competition for limited groundwater resources between municipal users, irrigated agriculture, industry, and environmental protection. At JJ&A, we apply our long-standing focus on hydrogeology and water resources studies, our understanding of the regulatory process and our experience working with diverse stakeholders, to solving our client’s water supply and permitting needs. Our Groundwater Resources team consists of experienced Hydrogeologists, Civil Engineers, Environmental Scientists, Computer Modelers, and GIS Specialists with a proven track record of successfully delivering reliable and defensible groundwater resource characterization and development solutions for our client’s projects.

JJ&A’s groundwater resources team has many years of experience performing groundwater resources impact evaluations under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and under the oversight of State and Federal Agencies, such as the California Energy Commission, Regional Water Quality Control Boards, Environmental Protection Agency, California Energy Commission, and Bureau of Land Management, to name a few. Our work has included basin characterizations, water budget and recharge analysis, drawdown and well interference studies, subsidence assessment, evaluation of impacts to surface water resources and groundwater-dependent vegetation, and evaluation of water supply adequacy and sustainability. Our team has performed studies throughout the Western United States for conventional and alternative energy projects, commercial developments, resorts, and industrial sites.

Our approach is to evaluate a project’s water needs, and consider local and regional groundwater conditions and issues to develop a water supply development and permitting strategy that will successfully meet project entitlement and permitting needs in a cost effective manner. Our team has a proven track record in applying existing data sources, statistical analysis, GIS mapping, computer modeling, shallow and deep (up to 2,000 feet) test wells and borings, aquifer tests, well hydraulic and quality profiling, and a variety of geophysical studies. We also assist municipal and industrial well users in meeting their water quantity and quality requirements, while promoting supply resiliency and minimizing the need for water treatment. Our team is also experienced in developing and implementing practical mitigation monitoring programs, supporting water rights acquisition, designing and installing small to large water supply wells, and designing, permitting and installing wastewater disposal solutions involving both surface and deep injection disposal.

Groundwater supply related services are:

  • Groundwater Basin Characterization
  • Groundwater Contaminant Assessment and Cleanup
  • Groundwater Impact and Sustainability Assessment
  • Drawdown, Storage, Subsidence, Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems, and Surface-Groundwater Interaction
  • Computer Modeling
  • Field Investigations, Geophysical Surveys, Test Well and Aquifer Testing ProgramsWater Supply Development
  • Supply Well Design and Construction Management
  • Water Budget Studies; Natural and Artificial Recharge
  • Water Rights
  • Water Supply Assessment (SB610)
  • Deep Well Injection (UiC Permitting)
  • Waste Discharge Requirements Permitting
  • Wellhead Protection