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JJ&A’s client focus, regulatory expertise and big picture perspective give us a unique ability to develop, streamline and successfully manage environmental programs on behalf of our clients. By applying the strategic thinking of our principals and the hands-on input of our field staff, our team provides tools, procedures and coordination that help our busy clients make decisions that maintain safe, efficient and compliant environmental programs. Our clients have sought us out when initiating new programs or reviewing best practices on portfolios of existing projects. Examples of programs that we have developed or improved for our clients include:


JJ&A developed a compliance program and implementation tools for the newly adopted Construction General Permit for Storm Water (NPDES) for a large energy company. This client has since instructed their suppliers to use this program at hundreds of sites across California.


We helped our client initiate a program for mercury vapor assessment, decontamination, waste management and documentation at facilities where mercury contamination was suspected from historical operations. We established programmatic efficiencies that improved quality and reduced costs by over 30%; our efforts will save our client hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of the program.


An existing client selected JJ&A to review their overall SPCC program approach for different types of facilities in their portfolio of over 1,300 facilities in California, then prioritize and implement their SPCC plan updates. We developed flow charts, identified gaps and vulnerabilities, evaluated software tools and provided recommendations for program improvement to ensure regulatory compliance and provide long-term cost savings.


Based on our past performance and client relationships, JJ&A was asked to participate in early stage team scoping to identify program needs and strategic options to address our client’s retirement of thousands of miles of natural gas pipeline. The pipeline retirement project begins soon, and we will be implementing the cost-effective and time-sensitive tools we developed for our client.


JJ&A is working with a portfolio of sites identified for potential donation and conservation easements to public entities or qualified non-profit organizations; the portfolio is comprised of over 1,000 parcels across 22 California counties to be protected for six beneficial public values: natural habitat of fish, wildlife and plants; open space; outdoor recreation by the general public; sustainable forestry; agricultural uses; and historic resources.

The scope of the program includes environmental evaluations and remedial measures to address minor site impacts from historic site uses to address lead based print associated with on-site buildings, firing ranges and fuel storage.