Storm Water Compliance and Management Services


Storm Water Compliance and Management

JJ&A provides storm water compliance services as they relate to the General National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). JJ&A’s Storm Water team consists of experienced Geologists, Construction Managers, Civil Engineers, and Environmental Engineers that are Qualified Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Developers (QSD) and Qualified Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Practitioners (QSP).  Our services include:

  • Storm Water Quality Compliance Related Services
  • General Permit NOI and NOT Filings
  • Preparation and design of site-specific SWPPPs
  • Preparation of Water Pollution Control Plans (WPCP)
  • Erosion Control Plans
  • Development and implementation of Construction Site Monitoring Programs
  • Turbidity and pH Sampling
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Onsite inspection and consultation services.
  • Electronic reporting and weather data tracking.

Implementation of Construction Site Monitoring Programs – JJ&A’s staff has many years of hands-on field experience managing and inspecting the implementation and maintenance of of Best Management Practices (BMP) as well as extensive experience water sampling during rain events, during dewatering operations, and during other discharge events. Services include, Pre/During/Post storm event inspections and monitoring, preparation of Rain Event Action Plans, and monthly audits.

General NPDES Permitting Services – JJ&A staff has the experience to support clients with obtaining coverage under a General NPDES Permit (General Permits). This experience includes the General Permits issued by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) that are applicable throughout California and the General Permits issued by individual Regional Water Quality Control Boards (RWQCBs) that are applicable only within their region. SWRCB issued General Permits include the Stormwater Construction Site General Permit, Stormwater Small Linear Underground/Overhead Projects (LUP) General Permit and the Stormwater Industrial Site General Permit.

Customer Quotes

"The report describes the results of an extensive investigation, which was primarily conducted for real estate transfer purposes, that assessed potential environmental concerns with the approximately 135-acre site… The report summarized the findings of a very thorough assessment and presented a large amount of data that was collected over many years of work at the site. The report was well written and organized in which the data were interpreted and conclusions and recommendations were clearly presented. [Agency] Staff has no specific comments other than to concur with the conclusions and recommendations as presented in the report."

" the project team that best exemplifies our vision and values...with excellent execution, in a way that enhances the community and creates value." ER Department Award of Excellence

"Communication with JJ&A continues be he first rate, even after the company has grown to include several new project managers and support personnel."

"I have no doubt that JJ&A's management of the project will result in successful completion of the planned scope."

"JJ&A has excelled in managing safe projects, making safety the number one priority for its employees and all subcontractors."

"...the outstanding job you have done in taking steps to look for saving opportunities, within and outside of your organization...resulted in avoided costs of $136K. It is this continued outstanding behavior which will set an example for some of our other drive unnecessary costs and inefficiency out of our projects."


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