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Welcome Aboard Jeff!

Jeffrey Asuncion – Staff Environmental Scientist

Jeffrey has 6 years of experience working in natural resources management throughout California and in the Western United States. His educational background is in Environmental Management and Protection with an emphasis on natural resource planning. He has experience in watershed quality monitoring, ecosystem restoration, biological surveying, and environmental impact assessment projects. Before joining JJ&A, he gained extensive field experience working as a law enforcement Park Ranger, a Roving Forester, and an environmental field technician.  He is currently working in JJ&A’s Stormwater Management Program.

Jeffrey’s technical expertise is in scientific fieldwork including site monitoring, data collection, sampling, report writing, and data analysis. He also has a background in conducting environmental and biological impact assessments and geospatial analysis using geographic information systems (GIS).

Jeffrey loves working outdoors, where he can incorporate his passion for protecting and managing natural resources. He spends most of his time outdoors with family and friends. He loves camping, hiking, and fishing. He and his wife, Brianna, have a 2-year-old daughter Sophia and another baby on the way.